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03 September 2015

Arise Lyrics


My fallen son.

This cataclysm of your prideful nature.

Egotists of a world that you have wronged.

Annihilation is the only way to be set free.

Rid the earth of humanity.

Rid the earth of humanity.

A global catastrophe is what you’ve become.

Taken advantage and now you are numb.

A vile creed.

With no real consequences.

Set on a path for destitution.

I see a world,

with so much peace.

But that is far and out of reach.

You are an abomination.

Putrid and filth.

I regret you free will.

There is nothing to save you from your own self eradication.

When faced with enigma.

You cower in the shadows.

You pathetic waste of space.

You are the disgrace.

What did I create?

What did I create?

Why did I create this?

Now I live with the choices that I once made.

Wishing I never decided to give you inclination.

It is time for your extermination.

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