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03 September 2015

Defeater Lyrics

Perceptual disparity

in the vast spaces of the mind.

A relative emptiness,

all aspirations fall to the wayside.

I am here,

a vessel of flesh and bone.

A living, breathing entity.

Awaiting the unknown.

The union forms, and synapses bind to deliver a message of worth to my being.

Developing a sense of self.

Edification of my own.

To grow.

To reach beyond a mediocre existence,

overcoming an omnipresent sense of defeat.

We are sentient.

We are aware.

We have purpose.

We strive for understanding

of the unknown,

and to overcome.

Adversity is the constant companion of the human race.

Have the conviction to stand

and look it in the face.

We were meant for more than minimum pace.

Lengthen your stride,


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