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03 September 2015

Descent Lyrics


That’s what was stated.

Don’t let it overcome you.

But yet, here is my fabrication .

About my dependence on a variation of hell.

I feel as if,

I am inhibited by this subtle sedative.

This poison.

This dark path is a life that I’ve chosen for myself.

Reality has never felt so clear.

Still I

face this

deity of fear.

I curse the day I first consumed you.

You infested my thoughts with disease.

This is killing me.

This is killing me.

I have tried a thousand times To forget you exist.

Erase you from memory.

I am subjective to this.

These shackles have bound me.

I pretend as if there is no entity.

With a smile on my face.

Erase you from my memory,

erase you from my memory.

Your words don’t mean a thing.

I can’t be set free.

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