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27 July 2015

‘Distances’ release show

There has been a slight change in the release date of ‘Distances’.  Recording and production is going smoothly.  We just wanted to push it back a couple days to play with a certain band.

The release show has been set for Tuesday, September 1st at Pub Rock with presales at only $10.  Doors will open at 7 with a great line up to help us release this EP.

Origins of Orion
The Exiled Martyr
Wake The Harbinger
The World To Come

and special guest AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK!


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Volvagia // Scylla - Distances
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  3. Defeater // Scylla - Distances
  4. Distances // Scylla - Distances
  5. Descent // Scylla feat. Tom Barber - Distances