In Difference Lyrics

22 August 2014

In Difference Lyrics

My anger sets in, as I remember the past.

You claimed to be my brother, yet you stabbed me in the back.


There’s a word for people like you. I could sit here and say it and tell you it’s true. But

you’ll never listen to me. Thinking you have everything.

You were never my friend, you’re an enemy. Taking my life for granted, infecting me with your disease.

Where is your heart set now? Eventually this will come around.

I just want to go back. Redo the things we never wanted.

I never wanted to be this way, the look of worry remains on your face. The look of worry

still remains. Your insecurities and your ego got the best of you. Just time wasted and I’m

done. Investing my time in you so…I’M LEARNING TO NOT GIVE A FUCK.

Lying, stealing, manipulating bitch, trying to control my every action, you burnt me long

ago. Don’t come crawling back like you didn’t know.

Stand the fuck back and watch me burn! (x3)

I hope you regret giving up what you had.

What goes through your head?

To think your actions were so easily accepted.

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