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14 October 2014


For those of you who unaware, we are actually on tour right now with Under Cities.  While on the road we were able to sit down and do an interview with Soundcrave Magazine.  They had some interesting questions on not only the band, but the tour as well.  Check it out and you’ll be in for a treat.

Also be sure to check out Soundcrave Magazine.  They do interviews with bands way cool than us, so you might be surprised at what you come across.

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Defeater // Scylla - Distances
  1. Defeater // Scylla - Distances
  2. Descent // Scylla feat. Tom Barber - Distances
  3. Volvagia // Scylla - Distances
  4. Arise // Scylla - Distances
  5. Distances // Scylla - Distances