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02 October 2014

Metal Temple

In light of all the cool shit Scylla has going on, Metal-Temple was ever so gracious enough to give us a promo spot.  If you don’t know by now, Scylla has solidified a tight new line-up after the EP release, has an upcoming tour, and plans for a new EP for next year.  Check out the article for all the hot, steamy details we can’t bring you on our PG-13 site.

We would like to thank Metal-Temple for all their support.  If you’re a metal fanatic you need to check them out.  These guys are seasoned vets who’ve been around since 2000, so they’ve got some cool shit on their site.

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Descent // Scylla feat. Tom Barber - Distances
  1. Descent // Scylla feat. Tom Barber - Distances
  2. Defeater // Scylla - Distances
  3. Arise // Scylla - Distances
  4. Distances // Scylla - Distances
  5. Volvagia // Scylla - Distances