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02 October 2014

Nataliez World

Ruben did an interview with Nataliez World and talks about where the band comes from.  If you’ve ever wondered where we got “Scylla” from than you should check it out.  You might come across some other things you didn’t know about us.

We just want to give a shout out to Nataliez World and say thank you for the interview.  Check out her page if you’re into that metal stuff.

View Interview

Distances // Scylla - Distances
  1. Distances // Scylla - Distances
  2. Descent // Scylla feat. Tom Barber - Distances
  3. Volvagia // Scylla - Distances
  4. Arise // Scylla - Distances
  5. Defeater // Scylla - Distances