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28 August 2015

NEW TRANSCENDENCE ‘Distances’ review

Connor Welsh of the online magazine New Transcendence was gracious enough to listen to our new EP ‘Distances’ and write a review for it.  You can read it for yourself by following the link below, but spoiler alert he gives us 9/10.  It is well written article and it feels great when people can recognize and appreciate the difference in the tracks but see the solidarity of the entire EP.

Read the review

Defeater // Scylla - Distances
  1. Defeater // Scylla - Distances
  2. Arise // Scylla - Distances
  3. Volvagia // Scylla - Distances
  4. Distances // Scylla - Distances
  5. Descent // Scylla feat. Tom Barber - Distances