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22 August 2015

RIP Griffin Kolinski

Tonight we had the pleasure of playing at the Griffin Kolinski memorial show, and what an honor it was.  Words cannot express the love and the energy felt in that building tonight.  It will truly be a night no one in attendance will forget.

It is an understatement to say Griffin had a major effect on Scylla and the metal community in a very positive and special way.  There are countless lives that were moved by his compassion and wisdom, and a long list of musicians and bands who wouldn’t be where they are now if not for him.  Scylla is one of those bands and we are forever grateful. Scylla_metal_hardcore_music_band_Phoenix_Arizonza_AZ_in difference EP plaque If you didn’t know, our debut EP ‘In Difference’ was recorded with Griffin, and he actually has guest vocals on the crowd favorite, ‘In Difference’.  The full story is for another day, but that song is actually the reason we got onto our first tour.  Since then Scylla has steadily been progressing as a band, so thank you Griffin.

It was amazing to see the turn out for such a beautiful event.  To see people come from out of state and see band members drop everything to reunite for this night was truly incredible.  There was not a single band that did not put everything they had on that stage for Griffin and it was felt.  The love, the emotion, and the intensity that Apparitions and Knights of the Abyss brought to that venue was off the charts.  When was the last time you wrote a riff or a drum fill and forgot it the next day?  It probably just happened.  Having members of Knights of the Abyss come together and play songs they haven’t played in years, and play one of the tightest sets of the night was awe-inspiring.

Scylla_metal_hardcore_music_band_Phoenix_Arizonza_AZ_griffin kolinski

The highlight of the night was hearing from Griffin’s mother, sister, and father.  To most of us, Griffin was that badass, funny vocalist from Apparitions, and sometimes it’s easy to forget public figures like that are actually people with lives and a family.  Not only did we lose a very influential person in the metal community, but someone lost a son and someone lost a brother.  To hear them speak on Griffin and much they appreciated that night was heart-warming to say the least.  I am extremely proud of our scene coming together and showing his family how loved and respected he was.

It is amazing how people that listen to metal music with tattoos and piercings are stereotyped as horrible people.  We get looked down upon and categorized as assholes with a bad attitude that like to hit each other while a band plays incoherently.  Some people will never understand the love and respect we have for one another.  Some people will never understand we are a family.

Cheers to you Griffin


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