Tendencies Lyrics

22 August 2014

Tendencies Lyrics

This makes my insides weak. How could this happen to me? This monster has sought it’s

shelter. I now, see and feel clearer than before.

Into the shadows I am possessed. I lack my nerve. Ignorance is bliss.

I feel no soul, I feel not remorse, I feel nothing at all, because this has consumed my


Into this dark abyss, I’ve lost my sight. This demon has controlled my life.

Nothing you can do or say will make this change. I fear I am…stuck this way…

My cries are helpless. I fall to my knees. Not even my mother. Would recognize me.

I see no future. But this has to end. Would it be better? If I was…


Taken over by the grudge I once held. Where is my dignity now?

You showed me how to survive. So I could feel peace of mind. But I forgot I am. I forgot

how things once had been.

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