The Plot Twist Lyrics

22 August 2014

The Plot Twist Lyrics

After the burial, you left nothing. Between the buried and me. So now I tell this tale

through the eyes of the dead. With all the miles between. They took my love. I watched

her die. They killed my family. My children my bride. As I lay dying here, as blood runs

black. There is no moving forward. There is no looking back.


I feel the ghost inside, screaming attack, attack. I can’t suppress it’s volumes. This is no

job for a cowboy, I declare war. Here comes the suffocation of my sworn enemy. Every

time I die, I’m haunted by these apparitions of my past.

I will unearth the plot in you.

This is the separation I seek. From the cesspool we call humanity. A distorted perception

of what it means to be alive. I will satisfy the urge that I have inside. To leave a legacy

when I die.

You’ll find I have a tendency to be unbreakable. Even after you cast me aside. And throw

me to the wolves.

The ascension is all I seek.




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